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DSS Player Lite

Both Olympus and Philips were jointly responsible for the design

and development of the DSS and DS2 (Digital Speech Standard)

file format.


The DSS and DS2 file formats are high quality and highly compressed voice files — their compression rate equals approximately 1:12 the size of a wav or wma file.  In actual usage, this allows users to record up to a 20 minutes on 1MB (recording in LP mode) compared to 1-2 minutes of dictation (or sound recording) when using wav or wma file format.

Because of it's extremely high quality recording and high compression, the DSS file format is the preferred method for storing and archiving on local, networked and internet storage devices as well as transferring sound files via network server or as email attachments.  Getting voice files to support staff in and away from the office has never been easier.


Using DSS and DS2 files is far more powerful than just a dictation system.


Recorded files can be archived for future reference, embedded within other documents such as Microsoft Word or Excel or used in every day communication with friends and colleagues.  No need to "finger type" emails — just record your commentary, attach and email and click the send button..


For those who wish to share their DSS or DS2 files with others who are not currently using DSS or DS2; the receiver of the file needs only visit our web site to download DSS Player Lite software.  The Player software is Free.  Once installed, files can be archived and opened as many times as desired.  Pick the Player software for the specific operating system installed on your computer.


     Download the Free DSS Player Lite software to play .dss & ds2 voice files


DSS Player Lite (Windows) for .dss     FREE
     file size:  2.1mb             file name:  Dssl211E.exe



NEW — DSS Player Lite (Windows) for .dss & Ds2    FREE

     file size:  1.6mb             file name:  DssPlay.exe



DSS Player Lite (MAC OS9)    FREE

     file size:  0.6mb             file name:  DSS_Player-Lite2_Mac_OS9.hqx



DSS Player Lite  (MAC OSX)    FREE

     file size:  0.6mb             file name:  DSS_Player-Lite2_Mac_OSX.hqx



Download Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM




DSS Player Lite Audio Support:  DSS/WAV/WMA/VAL files extensions




Below is a list of documentation you may download and use on the equipment you use.  All documentation is in Acrobat Adobe format.  If there is a document you need that is not in this list below, please contact us by phone and tell us - email requests are ignored.






































Transcription package

AS-5000 Instructions Manual (17 pages)


Transcription package

AS-4000 Instructions Manual (29 pages)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-5000iD Instructions Manual (83 pages)

DS-5000iD Brochure (8 pages)

DS-5000iD - Video (Windows Media Player)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-5000iD Instructions Manual (83 pages)

DS-5000 Brochure (8 pages)

DS-5000 Marketing SHORT - Video (Windows Media Player)

DS-5000 Marketing LONG - Video (Windows Media Player)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-4000 Instructions Manual (88 pages)

DS-4000 Marketing - Video (QuickTime)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-3400 Instructions Manual (76 pages)

DS-3400 Quick Start Guide (2 page strip)

DS-3400 Brochure (8 pages)

DS-3400 Specification Comparison (1 page)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-3300 Instructions Manual (94 pages)

DS-3300 Quick Start Guide (1 page strip)


Digital Dictation Recorder

DS-3000 Instructions Manual (32 pages)

DS-3000 DSS Player Pro Dictation Module Instructions (74 pages)